What is Prevent & Protect? Gard-Railed and Micro Perimeter-based Security?
Prevent & Protect enable access to any resource in IT, OT and/or IoT environments, automatically enforcing security policies and processes leveraging guard-railed and micro-perimeter security principles in order to establish the strongest security posture available.
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Cyber Security offering for SME
Guardz is a holistic cybersecurity platform that provides enterprise-grade cyber technology and makes it accessible to SMB/SMEs. We secure small businesses inside out from common threats such as phishing, ransomware/malware, data loss, user risk, etc. in a single unified solution
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CONFORMIO: ISO 27001 Software for Small Businesses
Conformio was created by the top ISO experts in the world to help you simplify your ISO 27001 compliance effort. We have automated the documentation effort and wrapped it in a step-by-step process to make it easy and fast to obtain your certification.
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Four key benefits of ISO 27001:2022 implementation

Actually, you shouldn’t blame them – after all, their ultimate responsibility is the profitability of the company. That means their every decision is based on the balance between investment and benefit, or to put it in management’s language – ROI (return on investment).

This means you have to do your...

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Mitigating Cyber Risk in an Increasingly Digital Economy e.g. AI powered phishing sites
How can security teams fight back and protect their companies’ customers from falling victim to phishing attacks?
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