• Connecting the Unconnected

    Bluetown in partnership with Lifu Technologies

Research shows that access to reliable communication is a self-reinforcing enabler for higher standards of living. Yet, more than half of the world’s population lives in areas without Internet connectivity. We are about to change that.

The Core of BLUETOWN

The core of the BLUETOWN solution is a base station powered 100% by solar energy. The base station establishes a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of up to one kilometer in diameter. The hotspot is connected to the internet by existing infrastructure such as microwave link and fiber, or by satellite, balloons or drones, bringing connectivity to even the most secluded areas of the world. And because the solution is based on Wi-Fi, people can browse the web, stay in touch, or participate in educational programs using any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The BLUETOWN base station - Offers more than WIFI

The BLUETOWN base station is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions. It delivers a high quality Wi-Fi signal with a range of up to one kilometer in diameter and minimal maintenance. The entire system is 100% solar-powered and comes with rechargeable batteries to ensure 24/7 performance. Users can charge their mobile devices at a specially designed charging station. And extra features such as a streetlight and webcam can easily be added.

To provide local users the ability to access relevant content and programs without using a “paid” internet connection, BLUETOWN offers a local cloud at the base station, enabling private and public stakeholders to distribute relevant information easily, free of charge. The local cloud can provide fast and easy access to eLearning, eHealth, and eGovernance. Farmers can watch training videos to help them make the most of their lands and to sell their crops at a fair price. Local doctors will get access to lifesaving information and much more. The local cloud will also keep users connected to local content, even if the internet connection is interrupted.


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eHealth, Document Sharing, Training Videos, Knowledge Sharing