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Our Mission

To bring packaged, ready to deploy solutions to the South African market by utilizing the latest in technology, and solution design, providing access through our network of established partners, with minimal setup, affordable costs, and easy implementation.

Our Current Solutions


WorkPoint 365

Easy to use, scalable and evergreen! A platform for information and knowledge management for dedicated business solutions for project-, case-, contract-, and quality management and more – in all parts of your business.

With WorkPoint 365 you get a solution that:

  • Brings structure to unstructured data
  • Meets compliance and legal requirements
  • Handles all sorts of documents, including office documents, emails, and chats
  • Keeps track and get easy access from the tools you already use.
Managing cyber security with Bluevoyant


BlueVoyant Elements is an outcomes-based, cloud-native cyber defense platform that delivers positive security outcomes that drive business results.

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